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My new site: www.teacherpreptech.com

Dear Readers, As technology continues to provide us with greater functionality in how we communicate, share ideas and collaborate with each other, I have realized the power of video as a tool to share my ideas and best practices in teaching.  Unfortunately my present blog host does not provide this functionality (at least not for … Continue reading

Integrative Instructional Design

The pre-service teachers I work with often here me tout  “Instruction is not a one size fits all approach”.  This notion is based on Tomilson’s theory of differentiated instruction. Tomilson contends that teachers can and should provide multiple pathways to learning by differentiating three areas of instruction: content, process and product.  The idea of presenting … Continue reading

Teachers Integrating Technology: Fifth Graders at Sequoia School

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:
Mona Ricard is a fifth grade teacher at Sequoia Elementary. Selected as the 2012 teacher-of-the-year for the district, she is the go-to person for new iPad, Chromebook, and laptop apps. Ricard has pulled together an eclectic collection of laptops and desktops and tablets from…

Teachers Integrating Technology: First Graders at Sequoia Elementary School

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Six year-olds get excited about almost any activity. In a first grade classroom, energetic, enthusiastic boys and girls would say “whoopee!” over a math worksheet…

Think Critically this Summer

Summer Summer Summer time…. don’t just sit back and rewind.  This summer take the opportunity to try new strategies, increase your content knowledge and think critically. As teachers across the nation move to adopt 21st century skills into their teaching practice, not only must they think about how the 4C’s: Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and … Continue reading

More than an Hour of Code

Ask the average 8 year old boy what he wants to be when he grows up and you will probably hear “make video games”.  Boys love video games because it gives them an opportunity to use their logic and reasoning skills in the context of a virtually crafted world that includes tools to build and … Continue reading

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