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My new site: www.teacherpreptech.com

Dear Readers, As technology continues to provide us with greater functionality in how we communicate, share ideas and collaborate with each other, I have realized the power of video as a tool to share my ideas and best practices in teaching.  Unfortunately my present blog host does not provide this functionality (at least not for … Continue reading

3 Reads Approach in Mathematics

As a mathematics coach one area where I was constantly tapped for support was problem solving. Problem solving is an area in which not only students struggle, but teachers have difficulty teaching. The complexity of problem solving requires engaging students to make sense of a problem before they set out to solve it.  What typically … Continue reading

Technology only as powerful as the teacher using it :)

Vygotsky believed “cultural tools” significantly shape a child’s cognitive development.  This might include the use of language to communicate as well as nonverbal cues that are within the environment and shape a child’s behavior.     Tools for thinking greatly influence a child’s ability to learn, reason,  think logically and develop abstract thinking.  A calculator, … Continue reading

Teaching Gratitude

In the wake of school violence, suicide and a host of other social problems that plague children and youth, teachers and school districts are hurdled with another challenge, equipping children with the socio-emotional skills to thrive in a democratic society and lead a productive life. In the next few weeks I will focus my blog posts … Continue reading

Building on Life Experiences

The excitement of school vacation doesn’t end just because students have return to school.  From family trips to visiting relatives, students are filled with life experiences percolating in their mind. This excitement builds when they finally see their classmates and teacher with whom they want to share these experiences with. Have you thought about ways … Continue reading

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