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Web tools are digital applications located on technology devices that allow users to create, collaborate, edit & share. Teachers can use Web tools to support students in developing the mindset of mathematical thinkers.  Web tools  require students to utilize the skills they have learned in the context of real-world application and problem solving.


Try This Idea #1: Students share what they know about how to make ten.



Try This Idea: #2

Try This Idea #3: Designing Floor Plan or Design your Room

This free online tool lets you design a multi-floored home Floor Planner  in square units.

Square units support students in understanding the concept of area and reinforce concepts of multiplication.  As students can visualize and array and count the squares to verify calculations.

  1. Students  work out the proportions of their house (perimeter and lengths of outside walls). (Teacher can also determine set area for homes).

  2. Students work out areas of each room (length x width) building on conceptual knowledge of an array. Teacher can determine grid space of each square (up to 10X10)

  3. Ask the students to add up the areas of all of the rooms.

  4. Find the total cost of the home given the average cost of existing sale costs and estimates of median sales price/sq. foot. Zillow provides up to date graphs and median sale price/sq ft.

In this sample below students construct home on a 4×4 grid.   Total of 50 squares at 16 square units.  The total area of the home can be calculated by multiplying 50 x 16=  800. If homes in the area sell for $500 a square foot. The cost of this home would be 500 X 800= $400,000.  Zillow provides up to date graphs and median sale price based on home size.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 7.59.13 PM

These types of lessons easily integrate with other subject areas.  Students can create a flyer to sell their home.  They can justify the cost and increase based on their description, location and features of the home.  Students can practice their speech and language skills as they make a pitch to buy or sell their home. The possibilities are endless.

A New Design (1)


Try This:

StoryBoard That:

Use CGI related problems in the context of a story problem.  Add graphic images and background to make the context of the problem come alive.

Challenge students toward mastery by having them create their own StoryBoard That problem.  They will love this challenge. Click here for the mathboard-basic ppt to display.

Made with Storyboard That
Students can create story board questions based on the scene they create. Click here for the kinder-create-problems-basic to display

Sample Problem:

  1. Papa has 7 Cats.  3 of his are big and the rest are small.  How many small cats does Papa have?                                                                                                                     7-3=_      or      3+_=8                                                                                            (Part-part-whole unknown)

  2. Joy had some legos.  She gave 7 to Lucy. Now she has 8 left.  How many legos did Joy have before she gave any to Lucy?                                                                          _-7=8                                                                                                                    (Seperate-start-unknown)

  3.  Jack and his mom went to the market.  Jack picked 3 items and his mom picked 7. How many items did they buy at the store?

3 + 7 = _  (Join Results Unknown)




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