Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)

The Teacher Performance Assessments (TPA) are four written tasks that Teacher Candidates must complete in order to receive a California Preliminary Teaching Credential.   These four tasks are considered Performance-Based Assessments as they measure your knowledge, skills and understanding as it relates to teaching and student learning.  Moreover these tasks increase in complexity and focus on strategies to work with diverse student populations such as English language learners and student with exceptional needs.

These four tasks focus on Teachers Pedagogical Content Knowledge:

  1. TPA 1: Subject Specific Pedagogy
  2. TPA 2: Designing Instruction
  3. TPA 3: Assessing Learning
  4. TPA 4: Culminating Teaching

You can find out more about the TPA by visiting the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing CALTPA page.

National University Candidates should visit the NUTASKSTREAM page for questions, tutorials as well as setting up a Taskstream account which you will use to submit your TPA tasks.



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