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 Upcoming Book: Preparing Preservice Teachers for the Inclusive Classroom

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In order to provide an effective learning environment classroom preservice teachers need highly specialized knowledge about working with students who are exceptional. This highly specialized knowledge must be integrated across teacher education coursework, and cannot be delegated to one course within a credentialing program. Highly integrated coursework that addresses the spectrum of learning strengths and needs within a wide variety of instructional environments is needed for pre-service teachers in order to be prepared to address individual students’ cognitive and behavioral goals as required by IDEA, No Child Left Behind, and Teacher Credentialing bodies at the state level.


The goal of this book is to provide university faculty, instructors, teachers, and mentors who work with pre-service teachers the background, knowledge, and skills to implement strategies that would support all students with exceptionalities in a general education classroom.  The objectives of this book will be to:

  • Examine how to increase student access to course content in ways that maintain, improve, or increase cognitive and behavioral goals.

  • Examine how to foster relationships with and among students with special needs and/or are twice exceptional.

  • Examine appropriate technology selection, implementation, and evaluation within the inclusive classroom.

  • Discuss how to design assignments for students with special needs across the continuum.

  • Explore how to organize and design a lesson and support students in the ownership and management of their learning.

  • Highlight ways faculty and instructors can model best practices of the inclusive classroom within pre-service education to meet various students learning styles.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to the following: Topics should be focused on one of the four themes of the course design for this book:

  1. Teaching the Individual: awareness of person-first language, learned helplessness, motivation, teacher burnout, twice exceptionality, the continuum of SPED, teaching individuals in a group setting, exploring preconceived ideas about students with special needs.

  2. Using Assessment to Drive Instruction: IEP to guide instruction, legal issues, co-teaching and co-planning, evidence of student learning, analysis and next steps for student instruction.

  3. Differentiation along the Continuum: students at risk, ELL, gifted,

  4. Adaptive Technology: Game-based simulations, automated lessons, time-released activities, student feedback systems, mobile technology, Web 2.0 Tools, Social Media

  5. Authentic technology tool selection, implementation, and evaluation that maintains, improves, or increases student access to content.

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2 thoughts on “Call For Proposals

  1. This is a fantastic topic and one that I am passionate about. I am wondering if this will include meeting the needs of the Deaf child?


    Posted by Nanci Shrager | November 5, 2015, 2:31 pm

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